Friday, January 1, 2010

Aloha from the MTC!

Aloha from the MTC!
The MTC is amazing, after we said goodbye they showed me my room and had me watch an orientation. (Elder Polier, Elder Travis, Elder Hasek, Elder Bridges)After that, guess what...class!! haha that's what it's been since I started, class study, class, teach, study, class, eat, it's great!!
I've had so many great experiences since I started here. It's already been a week, and as I said in a letter, the days are slow but the week was fast!! (Elder Travis and President Hacking)

My district is amazing, (Elder Bridges, Elder Hasek, and Elder Travis)we all have great strong testimonies of how our Heavenly Father loves us and on missionary work. (Elder Bridges, Elder Hasek, Elder Polier, and Elder Travis)
We have the crazies (Elder Hafen),
the quiet, (Elder Hafen, Elder Travis, Elder Butler, Elder Hasek, and Elder Polier)the shy, (Elder Young and Elder Travis)the loud (in a good way), (Elder Kopp "shy weirdo, haha," Elder Butler, Elder Hafen, Elder Alexandar "being weird before they left for Carolina") and the strong (all of us). ("This was another district who was awesome! They went to South Dakota. Just posin'!")Our district is very uplifting and we all help each other in strong spiritual ways. (Elder Travis, Elder Alexandar, and Elder Bridges)

Aloha, oe! (Elder Bridges and Elder Travis)

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  1. Elder Travis: I don't know if that's Elder Hafen or not in the picture by what you wrote about him but the picture seemed to fit the sentiment! You can fix it when you get home if it's not him. Love, Mom
    P.S. Is it Mother's Day yet?....