Monday, December 12, 2011

Final Week As A Full-Time Missionary

What a week what a week!! It was my final full week as a missionary. I gave up, I didn't work much this week. What's the point? Going home in a week, it was tough, so I just kinda..slept a lot!! Just Kidding!!WE HAD A BAPTISM!!! I was hoping so hard I would have a baptism before I left, and I did!! It was for Beverly L***!! She was baptized on Saturday and it was a very special experience!! We fasted with her last Sunday to help things get moving, and she told us on Tuesday she'd do everything it takes to get baptized on Saturday! She asked me to perform the ordinance, and so it was a deep honor for me to be able to do that for her. It was an awesome, awesome week!! So
Beverly was baptized :)
Rest assured, I worked hard don't worry haha. We were able to get things done, and in the process I was able to get ready for my flight next week. Sunday was a rather special day too. We had the confirmation of Beverly, and then I was able to say goodbye to a lot of members. Kalaheo ward held a farewell party for me and Sister Kamada (she's leaving the area) too. I was able to see a lot of the members from my greenie area!! Not a lot of missionaries get to do that haha. On top of that, I got to call a bunch of members to invite them to the airport on Thurday evening. It was good to talk to members again such as the Pasikala's, Jackola's, Barkdull's, and Jay's. Many more too, I made a lot of phone calls!! Well, for this upcoming final week, I will spend tomorrow in the field, but than will fly to O'ahu on Wednesday. From there we'll go to the Temple, Polynesian Culture Center, and the Swap Meet. Thursday, we'll get to go to Pearl Harbor and see the USS Missouri, Arizona, and Bowfin Submarine! Than I'll fly out at 10 pm to land in Salt Lake City in the morning. What a ride it has been these past 2 years, from Kaua'i to O'ahu to Utah, to O'ahu, and back to Kaua'i. I can't believe 2 years have passed. I thank ALL of you for your support and encouragement the past 24 months, and am eternally grateful for this opportunity I have had to serve on a mission. I'm grateful for all the members, investigators, miracles, and the hand of God that has been involved in this work so many times!! I know without a doubt this church is true, and that Jesus is our Savior. I love Him and am grateful for His love.
I'll see you all this week.

Much love and Aloha

This is the last post by Elder Travis' mom. From this point on he will be posting after he gets home and is released from being a full-time missionary. We're so pleased that he will be returning with honor soon.
Elder Travis' Mom

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  1. I'm so honored to be the mom of someone who never gave up and saw many miracles happen. Your faith inspires me and the people of Hawaii have taught me much about the aloha spirit and Christ-like love. This is a journey I wouldn't have missed for the world. I can hardly wait to see you as you come down that escalator knowing that you're returned with honor. Love you Trav! Hug your 'coon and I'll see you soon to get a hug for myself!