Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sister Missionaries In Kauai


Another week is down in the famous life of a missionary. We had a baptism of Lisa W*** this Saturday. Her daughter is very interested and will probably follow. The sisters still teach her because she likes them better haha. But it's a baptism in the same sense, so it's ok!!! President and Sister Dalton flew out to it because they know how hard the sisters worked to get her, and it's their first baptism in Kaua'i. It was cool to see that.We have a surprise baptism this Friday!! Katherine wanted to get baptized a week earlier!! So Friday she'll be baptized!! Than on Saturday Joey will be baptized. So we have two baptisms this week. I just love being a missionary. We are seeing so many miracles and so many awesome things happening. We are certainly busy and working hard. I'm glad Elder Watson is seeing a close to his mission like this, like Elder Barraza did. I want an end like this!! Hope I do, we'll see :)
on the other hand, we had ZLC this week. It was good, we counseled as leadership of the mission how to achieve vision 200. It'll take a very long process and hard work and diligence from future missionaries, but President wants to hit it before he leaves. It's possible, all things are with God. I'll keep my eyes on that bit of knowledge!!! Right now we are striving to hit vision 115. The most the mission has every baptized was 113, and we had 108 last May of 2010. So we'll see if we can beat that before I leave!!
Anyways, aside from that, we spent a lot of time this week contacting people who used to be taught by missionaries, and part member families. We are starting to run dry of investigators here in Kaua'i. We don't want to sink into a 0 investigator pit after this week. So hopefully we'll find more who are prepared!!! That was our problem in Kaneohe, we baptized 6 people in 6 weeks and ran out of people to teach. It's a wonderful problem to have, so we just have to fix it!!
Aside from that, it's been a fun week and we've been working hard.I love it here in Kaua'i and the ward is magnificent. Hawaii is a very blessed place to serve!!!

Love you all and can't wait to hear from you!!!

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