Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"It's So Awesome To Be A Missionary"


We had such an amazing week!! We taught 29 lessons, and had a baptism on Sunday. We have a baptism every weekend of February. We have a couple extras too...overall we should have about six baptisms this month for Kaneohe 3rd ward. We are very excited to see this all happen. I'm so happy that Elder Barraza is ending his mission this
way!!Ric's baptism was so amazing. It was so spiritual and so awesome!! He brought his friend's family who had a son who passed away, and at the end they were completely in tears. This was such an awesome experience to be a part of, and now we are excited to see him progress towards the temple and do the work for his friend!!

We tracted into this guy who told us we could come back the next day and teach him!! So we went back the following day and he was kind of surprised to see us. We started the "get to know you" part of the lesson, and he told us he looked online about our church, and read how we "believe" in physical intimacy of God and Mary, and how we can become God's. He couldn't process through his head, no matter how straight forward we told him, that we don't believe in that relationship between God and Mary, and all we knew about the conception of Jesus, was what was in the Bible. We tried to teach him part of the restoration, but he was convinced we believed that. We kinda laughed and told him that if he wants to learn more about the church to go to mormon.org and talk to the people themselves on what they believe, and not to someone else who doesn't know what we believe. He was an interesting guy!

Anyways, we should have Dawn's baptism this Saturday, and we are super excited for her as well. She came to church because of her friend who was just baptized a few months ago, and she just hit the ground running. She is all set for Saturday, and this will be another very spiritual experience!!

But we are seeing true miracles out here, and everyday is the question, "What miracles will we see today?" It is so awesome to be a missionary, and I'm loving it!!

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  1. What an amazing week and it sounds like the whole month is going to be amazing. Also, I noticed you have a new record for lessons taught....29!! So many lives are being blessed and so many seeds planted. It's all very humbling.